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Evozon is an industry leader on the South Eastern European digital market. During our 10 years lifespan (still counting) we built a company of +400 skilled employees and have delivered over 300 projects by offering 360 degrees services to clients all over the world.

The Evozon Enterprise department is a team of 100 highly trained software engineers, business analysts and UX marketers that deliver unrivalled quality in every stage of the project.

Enterprise commerce solutions

From classical retail, tourism, luxury cosmetics to industrial machinery, Evozon delivers large scale enterprise projects that cover a wide area of verticals including industries such as cosmetics, food, car parts, tourism, bricks & mortar, fashion, industrial machinery, electronics, finance and pharmaceuticals. We can provide either leading platform implementations through our long lasting partnership with hybris, magic quadrant leader in Digital Commerce or custom built platforms according to our partners’ needs.

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Ecommerce solutions

Data mining and predictive analytics

Delivering great customer experience is a must but operational processes today are more complex than ever. With customer journeys that have multiple touch-points with their favourite brands, being prepared to deliver one-to-one excellence can be challenging. Evozon helps partners around the world harness the power of Big Data and Predictive Analytics in order to be closer and anticipate their customers’ needs. From social graphing your inventory to delivering real-time recommendations, we have a wide variety of tools and methods to help you understand your customers better and reach out to them in their preferred manner with highly personalized content and product or services’ recommendations.

Multi-channel integration 

Customers see no difference in the way they act when trying to interact with their favourite brands. And they shouldn’t. Technology helps bridge the gap between them and the services and products they want. Whether it’s the on-line ordering of a product and returning it in store, or having access to great customer service when dialing in, Evozon helps companies achieve a unified and comprehensive overview of their business.

Automated QA Engineering

With years of experience in software quality, our team has the knowledge, know-how and skill-set required to ensure the desired outcome for our projects. Whether manual or automated testing is needed, our QA Engineers have successfully handled testing projects for customers all over the world, ranging from web to mobile applications, using a broad range of tools.

Project management

Team work and passion have been the main factors of our success, here at Evozon. Our team of dedicated professionals is always ready to confirm that our projects are on track and will be delivered on time. World renowned brands have the confidence to let us guide them through the process of transforming ideas into to live projects using solid background consultancy and full transparency.

About Evozon

Dedicated professional team

Digital communication services

We provide not only the tools but also the know-how to help you communicate through the digital landscape in real time and with relevant content with your audience. Whether it’s complex, highly customized emailing campaigns, advanced personalization marketing, multi-channel campaigns, SMS remarketing or unified Social Media presence, our team of specialists can map out the road between you and your customers.